The Beauty of Patience


Patience, You find her beautiful, don’t You?

Artwork and poem by Victoria

She’s a warm green and yellow

Like a gentle rain.

Movements drifting in sync

Foundations shifting

and falling, but

with purpose.

She doesn’t push,

She enjoys.  She waits.


More than participates


I may speak for most of the globe when I say that a deep sigh of relief was breathed on December 31, 2016 marking a rather ..remarkable year coming to a close. (I search for a positive word to describe last year.)

The good thing I have observed from going through 2016, ahem those “character building” seasons, it actually developed in me more than a grit to carry on through the storm: It developed in me a beauty.  A beauty that is resistant to age.

“But let it be the inward adorning and beauty of the hidden person of the heart …which is very precious in the sight of God,” Peter wrote.

What’s he saying?  The things you are learning day to day, month to month, year to year, where it may seem like no one sees or no one takes notice, capture the notice of God.  He notices when you go out of your way to listen to your crabby coworker again, He notices when you work hard at your craft only to feel like the forgotten one in the group, He notices when you lay down your right to argue or escape, He notices when you press on toward the goals inside you, He notices when you guard your heart against bitterness or disappointment.

God takes notice of these things, because He finds them beautiful.  Just as we find ourselves drawn to a beautiful new designer jacket, or a work of art, God is drawn to that particular area of patience being developed inside of you.

Last year’s difficulties were not wasted, now you get to wear that far more unfading garment, the beauty of patience. (And enough with the fedoras!  It’s a new year.)


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