Step 2: How to Get Rejected and Then Get Back Up

Rejection.  How do you deal with it?

It’s one thing to go after a dream and keep your work hours and finances barely in line with your sanity.  But what do you do when you hit a big fat no on top of all the hard work?

Maybe you cry.  Maybe you turn the music up.  Maybe you find drugs.  Maybe you take Netflix binging to a whole new level.  Maybe you do all of the above.

I wanted three things this summer…two of them have to do with my filmmaking dream, one is irrelevant:

  1. To be in community theater
  2. To have a boyfriend (I promise I’m not 15 years old)
  3. To try out for a modeling career

These weren’t things I wanted out of the blue.  They were well considered pre-meditated risks that I thought to be worthwhile in pursuing.

What I’ve found is – even harder than taking the risk itself – was to discover what I felt after the rejection. These weren’t flighty things I decided on to go after on a whim, so the sting felt harsh.  

I found myself praying a sad little prayer one night  God. I think I’m running out of courage as all 3 sent their rejections in form of polite email or awkward conversation.

Though the process has been anything but easy, I’ve found that rejection can actually help you discover what you really want.  Had I never taken those risks – I wouldn’t have known which doors I wanted to go through when they were shut in my face and which doors are worth letting close.

Dear dreamer, have you ever found that you may not know what you really want until you got rejected from it?  It wasn’t until it was smeared all over your face: No you can’t do that.  No you can’t have that.  No, you didn’t get picked.  That’s when you found out it’s something worth still going after, still believing for.  

If it didn’t matter to you, then you would eventually stop fighting for it.  

If you’ve been feeling the weight of rejection, pick yourself up, you’re on the right road.  Keep finding those desires in your heart that you discover are worth fighting the rejection for.

4 thoughts on “Step 2: How to Get Rejected and Then Get Back Up”

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and find them clever, witty and very relatable. Thank you, I needed to hear this today : )
    Love you Friend!

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