Bare Naked Lady

Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame 

I usually glance over this beginning story with very little thought of Eve. I often visualize this funny scripture with blurry white bodies something like the smiling cartoons wilting on a vacation bible school’s felt board.  (Because of course Adam and Eve were middle class white folk.)

But as I was thinking about it today, I thought about this tiny moment in history singularly as what it meant for Eve:  A full grown woman stark neckid, with absolutely nothing to hide… Nothing to hide about her body.


She did not have one passing thought of I need to suck in my stomach, if only my thighs were narrower, I wonder if Adam is seeing my good side, I should cut more sugar out of my diet …

She was naked and she was okay. I’m not positive if there’s an absolute antonym to the word “shame.” Maybe it’s one of those things like “peace” you don’t recognize you have until it leaves you for a sec.

Because when shame came, that “okay” part of her was suddenly gone.  That rested part of her soul was suddenly rudely awakened that she certainly had things that didn’t measure up.  She had things that needed to be covered up.

What I found fascinating about this – Eve could only be naked and without shame in the presence of her Creator.   The moment she chose her own opinion instead of God’s, her perfection invited man’s authority on her own design.  
It make me wonder if a person, a woman, could ever feel truly rested in her design without ever being with her Creator?  Shame has a deafening voice most may find unrecognizable due to it’s consistency.


*mad props to model Leah Parry for braving the snow

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