Hi, I’m Victoria

“Communicator” is probably the best noun to encompass my passion for artistry, my love for people, and my heart for justice through media.

Sometimes with film,

other times with photography,

and still other times with a microphone,

I’m one of those oddballs obsessively communicating through creativity in this New Media age we find ourselves in.

The richest storytelling I believe can be discovered among your closest friends, or the people who make you the most uncomfortable.  And that is the secret sauce formula to how I look for, and create stories.  

Constantly wanting to know who you are, and the context to the universe inside you, is the driving force behind this madness; and I invite you into the world of my friends, my haters, and my imagination.

Ice Media was created as a way to voice the people, and as a way to break the ice of faith in relationship to art.  



Feel free to reach out to me at theicemedia@gmail.com