Hi, I’m Victoria

“Communicator” is probably the best adjective that encompasses my passion for creative media, my love for people, and my heart for justice.

Sometimes with film,

other times with photography,

and still other times with a microphone,

I’m one of those oddballs obsessively creating in this New Media age we find ourselves in.

The richest storytelling, I believe, can be discovered among your closest friends, or the people who make you the most uncomfortable.  And that is the secret sauce formula to how I find my stories.  

Constantly wanting to know who you are, and the context to the universe inside you, is the driving force behind all this madness; and I invite you into the world of my friends, my haters, and my imagination.

Ice Media was created as a way to voice the people, and as a way to break the ice of faith in relationship to art.  



Videographer, writer, speaker, and all-around creative-arts lover, I center my practice on the art of storytelling.  I started a creative video production business after receiving a bachelor of arts in digital film production from Grand Canyon University.  Accompanied by a certification to teach secondary education in English Literature, I value both artistic excellence and education. 

With my background in education, I’ve developed a passion for helping beginning artists learn fundamental filmmaking skills, so that they can tell unique stories of their own.

To view some of my most recent film projects, go to the “Inspire” tab. To enroll in my online class that teaches beginners how to make creative videos, check out the “Create” tab. Interested in seeing how storytelling can empower the world around you?  You  guessed it, go to the “Empower” tab.  Happy ICE-ing!

Looking for more info? Reach me at theicemedia@gmail.com